We practice what we preach, and start every client engagement seeking  to understand if there’s a problem we (our partner network) can help solve. Our engagements can take a number of forms. 

Transformation Strategy

We work with clients from the get-go to develop overall Strategy to respond to disruption from Startups and Market Changes. Our objective is to organise and contextualise all activities, and skate well ahead of disruption. 

Training and Development

We help supercharge teams and cultures through best-practice innovation process training. From Design Thinking to Business Model Validation, Lean Startup and Lean Analytics, we bring the right brains into your organisation. 

Ambidextrous Innovation Models

We specialise in the creation of New Innovation Models, which include Process, Funding and Governance processes to speed up and improve the compatibility of your process to your projects, whilst ‘fitting’ the core business.

Venture Creation

We help support the shift from a ‘Project’ mindset to a ‘Venture’ mindset, including the Co-creation of Ventures and Entities, to External Partnerships and Co-Funding.

Platform Digitization

Leveraging Software, A.I. and Machine Learning to speed up and improve existing Innovation and Research processes and/or Portfolio Management

Supply Model Strategy

Exploring alternative commercialization pathways including M&A, Venture Investing, Strategic Alliances, JV’s and Asset Repurposing

Corporate Accelerators

Design and operations of organic innovation programs leveraging proven and tested accelerator models

External Connections

Connections with Startups, Academics, Institutions and External Experts to bring the “outside in” to your organization and challenge your thinking.

Startup Pilots

Identify Startups with the potential to solve problems for your organisation, managing commercial Pilots with your organisation and (if desired) options to convert commercial spend into equity and investment rights.  

Modernizing innovation processes

Our aim is for clients to disrupt, not be disrupted. Our work is bespoke to each client based on their particular objectives and state of play. Our flexibility comes from our ‘team of teams’ model, through which we bring together a network of best in class partners who work under a single strategic framework and common language. This enables us to avoid ‘pushing a product’ that might not be right for you or taking ‘shots in the dark’ by having people with the wrong experiences trying to lead critical initiatives.

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