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As Innovation practitioners inside multinationals, we've worked across a wealth of projects and initiatives from strategy through to execution. From product development, venture creation to process design and implementation, we've touched all parts of the Innovation spectrum, eventually working on the reinvention of it completely to better drive value in a new world order. This is transformation in action:


AB InBev’s Global Internal Innovation Accelerator was designed and operated by Radiocarbon’s Founding Partner, Alastair Kenvyn. We continue to support this groundbreaking initiative today as it continues to transform ABI’s Innovation Model, Recruitment Strategy and Capability in addressing  disruption head-on.

Hopt Soda

Hopt was launched in New Zealand in 2013 as an early example of Lean Startup techniques being applied to a CPG model. The Globally awarded product helped codify the way in which traditional Stage-Gate can combine with Design Thinking and Lean in a potent way to smash traditional CPG  testing methods (scoring 85 in AC Nielsen Bases II).

Radiocarbon Operating Model

After years of application and iteration, Radiocarbon have developed an operating framework applicable to all industries and organisations seeking to create multiple pathways to value creation through Innovation. It’s a way in which to organise Strategy, Process, Governance and Testing under a common language and approach. 


Canvas was developed organically within AB InBev leveraging company IP and utilising Business Model Generation and Experimentation techniques to prove out a Desirable, Feasible and Viable Business Model. The Fibre and Protein beverage leverages Brewers Grain to create healthy beverages, and now stands alone as an independent entity.


Beerbox was created to overcome an age-old consumer problem – “how can i stay in the moment,  and not the line, at a sport or music event?”. Proprietary technology was tested and validated rapidly using Lean Innovation processes to  create a vending solution that overcame closed-container restrictions inside event spaces.

Saturday Session

A world-first technology which creates a sparkling Rose and Sauvignon Blanc in a casual canned format, with the same ABV as a Beer. Rolling out across the USA, Saturday Session Wine brought together all elements of a new Innovation Operating System to bring a disruptive organic innovation to market.

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